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Commercial Roofing Repair

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Superior roofing services designed to protect your business.

Water Damage

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Commercial Roofing Repair

Whether your building has a TPO roof system, modified bitumen, standing seam metal, or a tar and gravel built up roof, Rainy Day Restoration and Roofing is here to help. We repair and replace all types of commercial roofing.

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Commercial Roof Repair Melissa TX

Commercial Roof Replacement

When it comes to protecting your business, the commercial roofing technicians at Rainy Day Restoration in McKinney, TX, keep your roof happy and healthy so you can have the peace of mind you deserve no matter the weather outside. Your roof takes a beating from the winter weather and hot Texas summer sun. It’s time you had someone that knows how to take care of your roof properly, so it will continue to take care of you. That’s where the McKinney and Melissa, TX, roof repair specialists at Rainy Day Restoration come in.

storm damaged roof

Storm Damage Assistance & Restoration

When a major storm strikes, it’s essential to have your roof assessed and inspected by professionals that understand how to properly identify and diagnose any damage or potential issues that can impact the integrity of your roof. That’s where the technicians at Rainy Day Restoration come in. We are one of the few roofing companies that know how to navigate the insurance claim process in McKinney and Melissa, TX, effectively and efficiently to ensure a stress and worry-free process so your roof can be restored and repaired. Our technicians will assess your roof, address any issues, and perform expert repairs before more expensive damage happens down the line. We understand how overwhelming dealing with storm damage is, which is why we’re here with you every step of the way with comprehensive and full-service storm damage assistance, repairs, and restoration. We walk you through the entire insurance claim process from the moment we arrive.

We can repair:

    • Roof Leaks
    • Missing Shingles
    • Lifted Flashings
    • Hail Damage
    • Clogged Gutters
      And more!

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