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Trust the Experts with the Right Tools, Cleaners, and Knowledge

A house fire is a terrifying incident, and once the fire is out and your family is safe, the only thing you want to do is get back to your life. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of cleanup that follows a fire, and professional fire and smoke restoration services are the only way to ensure your house gets back to a safe, livable, and comfortable level. A professional service like Rainy Day Restoration has the right tools and the right training to get the job done safely and efficiently and be able to salvage as much as possible from the fire.

Importance of Timing After a Fire

uring a house fire, smoke mixes with moisture in the air to create corrosive residues that can etch, pit, discolor, and eat away at various materials. Moreover, ash itself is highly alkaline, and it alone is corrosive. Furthermore, many synthetic materials that are used in building materials, furniture, and home décor products create chemical reactions when burned, and these can also cause a great deal of damage. The longer these corrosive chemicals and substances are allowed to settle, the more damage they’ll do to materials like glass, marble, metal, china, vinyl, and more.

Certain materials especially, such as plastic and fiberglass, will begin to discolor within minutes or hours of being exposed to ash. Other materials take longer to corrode and discolor, but eventually, they’ll all become unsalvageable if left untreated. Therefore, it’s integral that you call in Rainy Day Restoration as quickly as possible after the fire in order to neutralize these corrosive substances and mitigate further damage.

Trust the Experts with the Right Tools, Cleaners, and Knowledge

Cleaning up after a fire isn’t like the cleaning you do around the house all the time, and it takes special equipment, knowledge, and products to get the job done right. For example, Rainy Day Restoration knows how important it is to get the house clean without spreading ash around, because the more the ash spreads, the more cleaning has to be done. Our professionals have the training and skills to do this, as well as all the tools and equipment needed to get the job done quickly and thoroughly, including:
  • Specialized detergents to neutralize odors and remove ash and soot
  • Waterless cleaners for surfaces like plaster
  • Proper personal safety equipment
  • Cleaning equipment to remove ash, soot, and smoke from your HVAC system and ductwork

The Different Stages of Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage
The first step in damage restoration after a fire is identifying all the materials and items that have been affected, and locating all the smoke smell sources in the house. Immediately after that comes corrosion control to stop any deterioration that’s happening, followed by a thorough cleaning of all surfaces and materials that can be salvaged (and replacement of anything that’s damaged beyond repair). Once everything has been cleaned, Rainy Day Restoration will take steps to deodorize the entire house and remove all traces of smoke smell.

A house fire is a traumatic event, but the threat to your home and possessions doesn’t end when the fire is extinguished. Ash, soot, smoke, and other products of the fire are corrosive and dangerous, and the longer these things are allowed to sit, the more damage they do to the inside of your house. Post-fire restoration also requires special skills and equipment, and only a professional restoration service will have the resources to get the job done safely, efficiently, and properly. Call Rainy Day Restoration to find out how we can get you and your house back to normal after a fire.

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