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Fire Damage

Your Fire Restoration Specialists.

Trust the Experts with the Right Tools, Cleaners, and Knowledge

Fire is a devastating tragedy that can leave you homeless without even the smallest keepsakes you cherish. When you’ve suffered a house fire, your home is left scarred and charred as much from the smoke damage as it is the fire. All of the items, cherished family photos, artwork, children’s toys, electronics, and more can be left in shambles or, even worse, gone forever.
At Rainy Day Restoration, we understand the intricacies of navigating the emotions, frustrations, and more that come when you’ve suffered a house fire. Picking up the pieces that are left behind is sometimes harder than starting over. We have helped countless families with our fire damage restoration services throughout McKinney, Melissa, Fairview, Anna, and the Dallas Fort Worth, TX, area to restore their homes so they can rebuild their lives.

We understand the gentle hand with specialized solutions that it takes to guide you and your family through the insurance process after a fire.

We help you rebuild after the fire.

Even when the last ember is put out, a fire can still cause lasting damage to your home due to smoke. That’s why it’s essential to have the fire damage restoration service specialists at Rainy Day Restoration come out to your home and perform our thorough and expert assessment. We know how to look where you can’t see to find the full extent of the fire and smoke damage in your home. And we have the specialized training to ensure that your home is restored to beauty.

With over 20 years of experience, Rainy Day Restoration is your trusted, local fire damage specialist that is here for you every step of the way. Our restoration process covers everything you need from the moment we arrive until your home is fully restored and repaired.

6 Steps to Recovery


We thoroughly inspect your home to identify the extent of the fire damage and create a custom-tailored restoration plan to bring your home back to its pre-damage condition.


We can help guide you through the insurance claim process.

Water Removal

If you’ve suffered water damage from putting out the fire, we have the specialized, cutting-edge equipment to remove the water and dry your home before your restoration project moves forward.

Emergency Boarding

Our team helps you identify the need for us to board up any doors, windows, or even your roof to prevent intruders and further damage from the elements while we’re restoring your home.

Eliminate Fire & Smoke Residue

Smoke and fire damage can seep through the smallest, hidden places in your home during and after a fire. That’s why we specialize in removing all of the soot and ashes from your home so that you and your family are no longer at risk.

Fire Damage

Eliminate Fire & Smoke Residue

Our restoration technicians work tirelessly to replace any damaged material, restore the areas of your home that can be saved, and ensure every odor is removed. When you trust your restoration and repairs to the professionals at Rainy Day Restoration, your home will be odor and soot-free. 

If you’ve suffered a fire in your home in McKinney, Melissa, Fairview, and Anna, TX, be sure to call or text the fire damage restoration service pros at Rainy Day Restoration today! We’ll help you save the memories and rebuild your home so you can move forward.

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